November 8th, 2006

Subject:  Martin Luther King

Title:  An Arizona Holiday of Indifference

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Dear SAHBA members and white Arizonan republicans alike,

On this Monday, January 15th, we as a nation commemorate the life and acknowledge the tragic death of a truly great man; Dr. Martin Luther King.  Mr. King was famous for once having the audacity for a black man to have a dream.  This day of reflection involves a time for black Americans to honor the struggle that King and all blacks and even some whites went through during that sordid time of American history.

Even though slavery was abolished after the Civil War with the addition of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, the slavery of the black American mind and condition, continued for another one hundred years until the Civil Right Acts of 1964.

During this time, the black family had to endure rampant racism and the fear of violence from not one, but two separate birth movements of the Klu Klux Klan.  The first birth of the hate organization was started in 1866 by Confederate sympathizers that were against the Civil War’s Reconstruction.  After the racist organization was stamped out in 1871, it unfortunately re-appeared its ugly head again in 1915.  One of the brutal signs of the KKK was not only its use of fear to intimidate, but the use of violence, including beatings and lynchings in predominantly southern states to terrorize the local black communities.  The KKK reared its ugly head as far north as Indian, Ohio and Pennsylvania during this dark time in American history. 

Surely, the Caucasian race was indeed the chosen people of the Manifest Destiny illusion that morally justified the suppression and extermination of the American Indian and blacks alike. 

Do you think that your God would be so proud of your ancestor’s actions on His behalf?  Do you think your God requires you to pay him homage through pain and human sacrificial death of another race?  White people have been so crazy with the concept of death and destruction to further their greed; even until this day!

For white America and Arizonans in particular, Martin Luther King’s National Holiday is a day to indulge in another anticipatory three day weekend of perceived blissful vacation escape and shopping mania madness.  And the wealthy white people continue to say while standing in line for a flights out of Tucson; “Whose holiday is it again?” We all just love having the time off to go and play at posh, ritzy ski resorts; now don’t we? 
To this day, such thoughtfulness and honoring of dedication and social purpose of commemoration is exhibited through out the state, by the men and women of Arizona. 

Most Arizonans probably don’t even know who, or what MLK stood for.  And they say the American electorate including Arizonans, professes signs of intelligent life?  After all, Arizona voters in November re-elected Sen. Kyl to a second six year term of political infamy and debauchery!

Our long national nightmare is not really over!  Maybe after six years of republic controlled insanity, the nightmare and the ramifications of this cabal are just beginning to start!

Dr. King is best known for his August 28, 1963 impromptu oratory, “I have a dream speech,” at the Lincoln Memorial; located at the birth place of our national corruption starting point, Washington DC. 

I also too, once had a dream that I could believe in.  As with Dr. King, my dream was also snuffed out by white elitist, corporate, corrupted America.  Some things in America will never change for the better; in fact, they are getting worse.  And everything including our state and country’s conscience is getting worse solely because our nation as a whole chooses to accept and embrace the fornication and embracement of greed. 

Shame on Arizona!  Shame on America!

Although Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech is his most famous speech, the words are not his most important.  On April 4, 1967, exactly one year to the day before his assassination in Memphis, Tennessee, Dr. King gave his most important and courageous speech titled “Beyond Vietnam,” at the Riverside church in New York City.  Dr. King’ speech was the beginning of his public oratory campaign to end his silence and influence the public’s perception and lack of concern about the Vietnam War and its atrocities that were being committed in their names. 

The “Beyond Vietnam” speech combined the issues of racism, extreme materialism and military adventure in the context that King said, “America is the greatest purveyor of violence in the world.”  Dr. King was indeed a prophet of truth.  And less than forty years after the speech and the involvement in Vietnam, America is once again exporting death and destruction in Iraq to project and protect its imperial intentions of financial and military hegemony.  One Texas president chose to march westbound to Vietnam to experience his own personal misadventure and folly, while another Texas president, almost forty years later, has chosen to march eastbound into Iraq and experience his very own misadventure and continuing quagmire of human devastation.

Please, no more presidents from Texas; the republic can not suffer such another ignorant and arrogant fool!

Dr. King’s most memorable quote from the speech that still rings true today for people, politicians, and the government was stated that; “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”  I believe that quote with all of my heart and soul.  Unfortunately those words have credibility, even until this day in the corrupted state of Arizona.  I have experienced in Arizona so many people that choose to remain silent in the face of injustice that I believe I live among hundreds of thousands of moral cowards.  Are the lives of Arizonans that blissful that most stay on the sidelines of life and just watch it all go by in every day platitudes without the faintest hint in their hearts of moral remarks?  Are Arizonans that indifferent and uncaring with the circumstances that surround them each day that they can only dream to speak in imagined moments of silence? 

Why does no one care about anything, anymore at anytime?  

But Dr. King cared in 1963 and also in 1967.  Dr. King could no longer remain silent with the escalation of the Vietnam War and he was dead right on, with his analysis of American foreign policy.  It all sounds so much like today.

There is no such thing as spreading freedom; we are spreading compliance and death.  Why does America today, have military troops and bases in 145 countries around the world?  One does not spread freedom with troops; but instead, military troops breed and cultivate contempt and tyranny among the oppressed.     

As some of you may know, it was a long and arduous journey to have Mr. King honored in Arizona.  Even a personal pleading was needed from recently deceased singer, James Brown, to Sen. John McCain’s hero, Ronald Reagan, to make Martin Luther King’s birthday, a national holiday reality.  Reagan as well as the rest of the country’s politicians finally decided to make it a legal national holiday in 1983.  Ronald Reagan was not pleased. 

So where was Ronald Reagan before 1983?  Mr. Reagan was MIA, as were most republican politicians because of Nixon’s and the republican’s “Southern Strategy” to control the White House.  Southern strategy meant that blacks were still the enemy when it came to bussing and affirmative action laws.  White men and white corporations are only fond of laws when they are written for their very own favor.  Sen. John McCain’s mentor, Ronald Reagan was always against a King national holiday, even until the day he signed the bill into law.  Reagan while signing the bill, still projected a hidden sense of executive, elitist disgust at what he was about to accomplish for black America.

Please remember that Ronald Reagan was once an ultra liberal, pro union advocate (AFL-CIO) who realized his limitations as a “B” movie actor and decided to hang his dwindling Hollywood star and fledgling movie career on the republican party and corporate America’s rise above its people’s welfare.  Reagan flip flopped from liberal to conservative after he began working as a spokesman and community (lobbyist) for General Electric, and learning the future neocon propaganda trade  from a union busting, jewish lawyer and vice president for GE named, Lemuel Ricketts Boulware.

As Ronald Reagan embraced his new political direction, he went through a divorce with his first wife, Jane Wyman, an actress who had previously been divorced twice before.  Reagan eventually married Nancy Davis and became the first divorced candidate to be elected President.

Once again, we see those republican and conservative values, like the sanctity of marriage, hard at work for the American people to emulate by our republican leaders.
Did anyone say John McCain, Rudy Giuliani or Newt Gingrich’s names yet?  

Ronald Reagan was not the great communicator; but he was the great negotiator and persuader and you could also say, the great influence peddling man of his time.  Reagan was able to accomplish persuasion with the skills that he learned while watching the great master conservative republican, Lemuel Boulware.  Boulware again, was the jewish corporate lawyer and vice-president of GE, who beat down and profited from GE workers, by persuading to have them sell out their own financial interests.  Boulware was the type of despicable negotiator that never accepted the concept of good faith bargaining.  The GE Corporation was to be master and dictator over all its employees; period.  Sign here.  

Why do you think Reagan fired the Air Traffic Controllers during the PATCO strike in 1981?  Reagan learned the hard ball tactics from Boulware, including the take it or leave it strategy that would force the union into striking.  Boulware was able to persuade Democrats to change and become conservatives by promising they would be wealthier, while they actually voted against their financial interest and became poorer.  And so the term “Reagan Democrats,” signified persuaded individuals in the image of Lemuel Boulware, who were brainwashed into voting for the corporate agenda.  It seems that Ronald Reagan’s convictions and political philosophy were brought out, by being bought ou; just like any other corporate or political prostitute, and all for the love of money.  Reagan’s epiphanies concerning politics were all based on greed and nothing else.

Ronald Reagan was “such a man” of compassion, concern and understanding for the simple human needs of his fellow men of color.   And the very same people from black America who begged for his help, but were never acknowledged as even worthy, let alone existing, were once again left holding the bag of white America’s promises and American Indian like treaties of eventual lies and promised and professed inclusion into the mythical American dream.

And what a great American that Ronald Reagan proved to be!  Reagan would have made a proud slave owner in the 1800’s.  I don’t think Reagan tolerated, let alone respected black people or labor unions, and to this very day, neither do Reagan protégés, Arizona Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl.  Both McCain and Kyl, are entrenched bigots from a past, darkened time. I can easily imagine McCain and especially Kyl in an earlier time riding along with Bush and Cheney on horseback, through forested fields, screaming and yelling hateful epitaphs, and all the while, dressed in one tone camouflage, complete with white hoods and sheets.

Ronald Reagan also hated the working middle class American worker to which he continuously signed legislation to undermine their way of life and their ever smaller slice of the American pie. Senators McCain and Kyl, like their mentor Ronald Reagan, also hate the American middle class worker and their representation through lawful unions.  God forbid anything that allows a corporation to give up their legalized, pro-politician monopoly on power, over workers basic rights. 

Why are most corporations operated like dictatorships and not Democracies?  Why do most corporations manage their workers by fear? 

So I guess that Ronald Reagan believed that black people had not paid enough with their almost two hundred and fifty years of enduring the white mans legally incarcerated laws of slavery, to deserve any accolades or considerations from white people, before 1983.  The idea of ownership did not differentiate between land and human beings.  Blacks were stripped of their individual rights and made into slaves and considered as property so that white America could prosper for its lust of greed.  Everything was to be owned and sold for gain and profit; even if that included black Americans families and their non-valued lives.  The white man was to be the master of all!  

Didn’t the white man’s God and good book swear that scripture had professed and even ordained that life should be this way?  The fix was in!

As Thomas Jefferson so eloquently put in writing, “We hold these truths so be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”  It all sounds so good on paper!

Let’s all examine America’s hypocrisy during its beginning and finest moment of pretense.  Between slavery and Native American genocide, what an incredibly phucked up and darkened history that America has developed over the years for the entire world to witness and examine.  And it continues today in Iraq!

Rep. John Conyers (D) MI, along with support of labor unions originally brought up the idea and a legislative bill to make King’s birthday a national Holiday during April of 1968.  It wasn’t until Jimmy Carter was elected as President in 1976 that real support for a bill to be brought before Congress was seriously contemplated.  The bill surfaced repeatedly from 1976 to 1983 when Sen. Jesse Helms (R) NC and Ronald Reagan were still voicing there racist opposition to such a bill.  Congress in October 1983 finally then passed a veto proof bill (338 to 90 in the House and 78 to 22 in the Senate) that Reagan was forced to sign in November 1983 in disgust.  Mr. Reagan was never a friend to the black population, but I guess one could say, better late than never for Mr. Reagan and his obvious ingrained bigotry.

Arizona on the other hand, continued to take its sweet time when it came to voting for a state holiday by dragging its legislative feet, to make this national holiday for King, a state recognized holiday also.  In 1973 state Sen. Clove Campbell (D- Phoenix) introduced the first bill into the Arizona legislature to honor King with a state holiday.  Illinois earlier that year was the first state to pass legislation that made King’s birthday a state holiday.  Arizona promptly followed the Illinois and national surge for black recognition by turning in the opposite direction and choosing to take another twenty years to emulate the state of Illinois progressiveness and bravery toward honoring Dr. King and black America.  It wasn’t until 1993, twenty years later, that the Arizona legislature finally passed a law to catch up with the nation’s conscience.

If I recall, there was also pressure from the National Football League to pass this bill, since the NFL, with a majority of their players being black, was considering boycotting Arizona for its location for future Super Bowl dates. 

Morality may not speak in this state, but money does indeed talk!

Isn’t impressive how money can influence bigotry and affect social change by the threat of its removal from the equation of the white man’s bank account?  Such strong convictions of morality!   

Arizona could have passed the bill many years earlier in the decade, but republican politicians were not about to allow this to happen without a fight to keep the Jim Crow, status quo, pro white man’s laws intact.  On May 16, 1986, Democratic Governor, Bruce Babbitt signed Executive Order 86-5, which made the third Monday of January, a state holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King.

In January 1987, the first item that newly elected Governor, Evan Meacham (R) did was to sign Executive Order 87-3, which rescinded former Gov. Bruce Babbitt (D)  Executive Order 86-5, by canceling the state holiday for Dr. Martin Luther King.  Gov. Meacham, a staunch republican and Arizonan car dealer, in the same image of Tucson’s very own auto czar, neocon republican extraordinaire, Jim Click, was later impeached and convicted in 1988 on obstruction of justice charges.  Evan Meacham, just another crooked republican politician and auto dealer, who tried influence peddling, with a corrupted hand to buy his way into government.

Never trust an auto dealership owner or real estate mogul to act the right way when money and influence are involved!

And then we had the future Governor, Fife Symington, another crooked, Phoenix real estate developer, (just like First United Realty’s,  Richard Schust) waiting on deck, for his very own turn to grovel at the Arizona table of corruption.  Does Arizona have a Sedona corruption vortex that sucks the dishonest people around America, to sojourn to the corrupt state of Arizona?   Is it a “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” of thing that draws deceitful people to this state?  What the hell is the reason for such dishonesty in this state?

Why do the words Arizona and real estate usually add up to spell fraud and corruption in this state?  There is something terribly wrong in the state of Arizona!

Arizonans since 1987 sure know how to pick their corrupted politicians to lead their state, just like blind mice are allowed to pick and choose their de-clawed and toothless neighborhood alley cats for rodent enforcement.  

Why are Arizona republicans so non-compassionate, greedy and overly corrupt as basic human beings?  Why is Arizona so white?

So as Arizona republicans, and on this day of honor, in spite of the republican Party’s best past efforts to squash this day on behalf of their very white, honky constituents, please do remember the relatively recent past history of your states promotion of racism, bigotry and the real image of Ronald Reagan’s short comings as a moralistic, human being. It really never was morning in America; that was just an emotional slogan to fool the electorate.  They were simply lies, all damned lies!

As I stated before, just like Martin Luther King, I to once had a dream that I tried to pursue, nurse and hold onto.  I had a dream to build a house for my family on land in the state of republican Arizona.  Unfortunately, I paid an incredible price for trusting a fraudulent real estate person, an incompetent builder, a government that is in the hip pocket of the building industry and lawyers who steal from their clients like good little lawyers are taught to.   And all the while this was happening; we were trying to raise a family in this corrupted, red state of Arizona; so much for republican family values.  WTF was I thinking when I decided to move to this phucked up state. 

The Arizona legislature, including Gov. Napolitano and Atty. Gen. Terry Goddard, along with the builders, the developers and the associations like SAHBA, are here to help and rape the Arizona public for pain, profit and the building industry’s agenda.  And they all do it, while remaining silent to the charges.  Why are the politicians all so silent?  What are the politicians afraid of?

“All it takes for evil to exist if for good men and women to remain silent in the face of such evil.”

Arizona, enjoy your shopping and ski resort escape because the problems of your state and  America will still be staring you in the face when you return from your addictions to your material trappings of possession in the shallow gated estates of your minds.

As Dr, Martin Luther King not only said that “I have a dream,” but also that “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

I have a dream!  I had a dream.  I have been so betrayed by my fellow Arizona women and men.  A man’s dream should not be stolen from his heart because of others greed.  Yes, I once to, had a dream but dreams are not real in this state because of the white man’s and women’s theft for their own greed. 

Why believe in dreams when they can be taken away from you, just as the light is stolen from the day at sunset?  When dreams die, America dies. 

America is not the land of dreams anymore; it is now the land of lies, deception and government corruption.  Martin Luther King would cry to see what this country’s creed has developed into.  Dr. King would have railed against this Iraqi war, just as he spoke out against the Vietnam War.  We need more men of Dr. King’s character in this state and in this country or other wise we are doomed to destruction.  I would not bet on Arizona’s future.  Greed and avarice ruin everything!

We all should shed a tear for our crumbling Democracy and state of affairs.


The Arizona Refugee


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